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Reflections and Plans

by Yang Yang, Ph.D.
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Hello all,

With the first newsletter of the year I want to reflect on the past as well as dream and plan for this year and after.

When we see the benefits of our practice, some of which are significant, it reminds us to stay focused and bring our practice to the world.

The center had a solid year in 2017. In June, our veteran students at Blowing Rock completed Grand Master Feng’s version of the Cannon Fist routine, an advanced version of Taiji practice.

At our annual July intensive training in Scranton, PA, we worked with many new friends. We certified EBQT graduates for EBQT-essential and also completed the traditional 48 practice.

It is a pleasure to report that quite a few serious students earned their teacher certificates in 2017.

We continued to share our art to the general public by collaborating with Kripalu Yoga Center, Esalen Institute, and Canyon Ranch.

The service at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York has been very rewarding. I feel so blessed to be able to share some simple yet effective practices with patients, survivors, and friends that they can take home to help cope with challenges in their daily life.

We have a very special group at our weekly Sunday class in NYC. Students have been very generous and patient helping each other. It is amazing to see the benefits of the weekly Qi recharge combined with their daily short practice.

When we see the benefits, some of which are significant, it is always a reminder to stay focused and bring our practice to the world. Here is our plan in 2018:

Teaching Essential Practice to address general wellbeing: The Evidence-Based Qigong and Taiji Essential program, the product of my doctoral dissertation at the University of Illinois, has shown significant results in balance, strength, immune function, cognition, and inner peace. This program covers essential Qigong and Taiji forms. It will be held from July 15-20, 2018 at Scranton University in PA. This is a great entry course for teacher certification.

Working on the roots of anxiety and sleep: So many people suffer from these two conditions. Some of them need help from health professionals. Others can improve these conditions significantly by practicing a short daily routine that combines movements and functional meditation to address the roots of anxiety and insomnia. During the 5-day intensive training, Dr. Linda Northam, a psychiatrist and certified EBQT teacher from North Carolina will be our special guest guiding us to understand these issues from a western medical perspective.

For those who would like to teach this program, a teacher certificate track is available. It will be held from July 20-25, 2018 at Scranton University in PA.

Learning broad saber and push-hands. Saber is my favorite martial arts weapon. This classic taiji weapon helps us build and clarify energy, improve agility and balance, enhance our push-hands skill, and enjoy the esthetics of dynamic martial art movement. At this year’s 5-day intensive training from June 10 to 15, in Blowing Rock, NC, we will learn part I of Grandmaster Feng Zhiqiang's version of the Chen Style 38 Saber Form.

As always, push-hands and applications will be integral to the training, with more principles and applications to be gleaned from the saber form.

Offering introductory courses at Kripalu and Canyon Ranch. The response to our courses at these two partner locations has been great. I am very impressed by our participants’ capacity to learn.

I am quite excited that the first workshop of 2018 will be in Berlin, Germany. There we will share our evidenced-based program with health professionals, researchers, and anyone else interested in learning a short daily routine to improve sleep, cultivate inner peace and happiness, and build more energy.

As a main school of Chinese philosophy teaches, human beings are fundamentally kind. It is our original nature to be so. In this issue I shared a story about a thief in the Paris subway, hopjng his example will lead us to ponder extendjng our innate kindness to the world in the new year.

As always, I have a reminder for myself and others: nurture ourselves well, daily, so we will have a healthy and solid foundation to do good in the world.


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